AMVFilms can offer you a number of solutions for getting your name and your video out there for the masses. From interactive mailers, to physical booklets, flyers, posters and DVD’s, contact us with your targeted audience and we will develop exceptional materials for your press kit.









As a great supplement to a music video, interviews and behind the scenes features will increase your video presence and also give you more screen time to build the buzz around a video or recent project. At a very low cost in addition to a music video, these segments are an excellent investment to help drive the interest in an artist’s journey through music.






Album Artwork

Album_cover1Our background is also rooted in advanced graphic design for the music industry, which allows us to create professional artwork for your new album. Take advantage of working with the same people for both your music video and the design of your upcoming album release to ensure that your artistic vision is achieved!









As an added bonus to your music video, take advantage of our on-site photography to enhance your artist portfolio. Whether for your press kit, Facebook page, website or other social media outlets, professional photography will undoubtedly bring your image to the next level!