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“If You’re Still There” by Chris Trapper


http://bahisiteniz.com/write-my-research-paper-online/ In their second collaboration, Chris Trapper and AMVFilms went airborne with the music video “If You’re Still There” off the new album Symphonies of Dirt and Dust. The song was featured in the Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek film, Some Kind of Beautiful. The video depicts the parallel between the glamor of the music industry and […]

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“America” by Grace Morrison


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In their third collaboration, Onset’s own acclaimed folk artist Grace Morrison teamed up with AMVFilms again to launch her third music video in one year for the song “America,”  an introspective look at our country during this bumpy and divided election season. The track is featured on her upcoming album “I’m the Apple.” The video […]

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“Taking Johnny Home” by Grace Morrison

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In their second collaboration, Onset’s own acclaimed folk artist Grace Morrison teamed up with AMVFilms to launch her second music video for the song “Taking Johnny Home,”  a tribute to our veterans, in particular her recently deceased uncle. The track is featured on her album “Live at the Zeiterion Theatre.” The video content was kept […]

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“RIOT” by Bless1



In their first collaboration, Jamaican artist Bless1 teamed up with AMVFilms to launch his first music video for the song “RIOT.” The track is a response to the recent riots against police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri as well as Baltimore, Maryland. Bless has teamed up with Heart of a Lion Records™ to launch his United […]

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“The Accident” by Chris Trapper


source url In their first collaboration, Boston’s acclaimed artist Chris Trapper teamed up with AMVFilms to launch his latest music video for his hit single “The Accident.” The track is featured on his album “Technicolor,” available on iTunes. The video is a soft, minimal, scenery-driven concept which parallels the beautiful and powerful simplicity of the melody. The music video was directed […]

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“So Far So Fast” by Jenee Halstead


http://busway.es/?p=queens-college-graduate-admissions-essay In their first collaboration, Boston’s acclaimed artist Jenee Halstead teamed up with AMVFilms to launch her first professional music video, So Far So Fast. The track is featured on her album Raised by Wolves, available on iTunes. A far cry from her traditional folk sound, Jenee brought her entire creative arsenal into the mix for this hard-rock alternative track! […]

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“Shiver” by Sarah Blacker

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http://www.valhome.it/homework-help-cleopatra/ In their second collaboration, New England Music Award’s “Female Artist of the Year” Sarah Blacker teamed up once again with AMVFilms to launch the music video for her award nominated single, Shiver. The track is featured on her recently released album Precious Little Things and has also been featured on “The Steve Katsos Show.” The […]

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“Everything Insight” by Colly C featuring Andie Hannaway

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AMVFilms and Colly C teamed up for their third video in one year, Everything Insight. Teaming up with Ireland’s own Andie Hannaway brought this song to a whole new level and is a promising sign for things to come in future collaborations. The universal messages of strength and determination of this song reflect its many filming […]

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Interview with Colly C

Interview with Colly C

AMVFilms sits down with Boston rapper Colly C to discuss their collaboration over the past year. Interview includes music video excepts from White Boy Dancin, One Bad February and Everything Insight, as well as live performances.